WhatsApp to Introduce Avatar reactions on Status update?

With an always evolving routine updates to enhance the user experience WhatsApp has said that they are not always on bored with some of the decisions of the developers but still it has done a decent job of staying in sync with the other rivals of the alp considering their user’s volume the app since the previous year has allowed users to send emoji reactions while replying to a Status on Android. This Meta-owned app is now in the works upon improving this feature just by adding a touch to enable the users to send their avatars as reactions as well.

Just like those of emoji reactions, you select from up to eight avatars. The feature was said to be enabled on version of WhatsApp beta for Android. But unlike most other WhatsApp betas, this exclusive features haven’t appeared to be widely rolled out for testers yet

Once it is widely available, users should be able to switch to avatar reactions with an option right next to the existing set of emoji reactions.

No wonder that the avatars tend to offer more of personal touch as compared to basic emoji reactions.

Although you can get WhatsApp for Android beta v2.23.18.9 via the Google Play Store now but the visibility of this new avatar reactions feature is not guaranteed just yet.

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