WhatsApp Rolls Out HD Images & Videos Feature

With the users always looking baffled over when will finally WhatsApp stop ruining people’s photos WhatsApp has finally decided to sympathize with the users and has put an end to this problem.


The app has gained its popularity over the years and is a main source for most to share images and videos with friends and families creating memories but shrinking of those pictures and video clips down into a much smaller size and a lower quality upon sharing always seemed to be an issue.

Buy not anymore as WhatsApp has announced of them soon introducing an update that will enable the users to send pictures in “HD quality” and “high resolution”.

The update is said to come forth in the images in about a next few week according to WhatsApp. The HD videos will too be soon announced assumingly to be on a longer timescale.

The images just like the messages are said to w be protected with end-to-end encryption.


Although the standard quality will still remain the default option when people send photos. It said to ensure sharing photos over WhatsApp to remain yet the fastest and the most reliable source of sharing photos.

This update will also enable users to select the option whether to receive images in standard definition – even though if they had been sent in HD. If a person is being sent pictures but have a bad connection, they will receive it in standard quality and be given the option to upgrade it to full resolution.


Although WhatsApp has offered the option to change the quality that images are sent in, or to let the phone itself automatically decide in between sending better images or saving data that mainly depends on the connection but that to comes with its consequences as of that even choosing the “best quality” option may mean that the pictures shares are heavily compressed, and might end up losing most of the details and resolution of the picture originally taken.

Up until now the users were being forced to use complicated ways to send images in full quality. That now assures the users that using WhatsApp’s options for sharing documents to share images which served as a cheat code will no longer be required.


WhatsApp had gained quite some lash for shrinking down and compressing the images being shared through the app while many other social media platforms – powered by Meta likely to be as Instagram and Messenger – are more preferred while sharing pictures and videos as they are better at preserving the quality of images sent through them.

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