WhatsApp Rolls Out AI tool for Creating Custom Art

With AI making its round around the world and being the talk of the town the most used messaging app around the world WhatsApp too has decide to introduce a new feature which is supposed to bring an artificial intelligence tool to the platform for the very first time.

The app is said to allow a limited number of users to create custom stickers using a new AI-powered ‘Create’ button.

The latest feature seems you be inspired by similar generative AI tool from another social media platform called Snapchat that introduced a ‘My AI’ chatbot in the February of 2023 that was powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.


Instagram an other social media platform also owned by Meta is said to come out with its own kind of chatbot having up to 30 different personalities for users to choose from.

Although Meta has not yet respond to the request made by The Independent for inquiring on the details about Instagram’s AI plans, but the leaked images revealed about the options for asking questions, seeking advice and offering writing assistance.

“Bring AI to your chats for a more fun and engaging experience,” was a stated as a text on the leaked images. “Chat with 30 AI personalities and find which one you like the best.”

The new WhatsApp update is said to kept users not to require any external tools or specific design skills to create stickers.

They simply need to enter a text-based command that will lead to the generation of the sticker.

“AI stickers are generated using a secure technology offered by Meta,” the WhatsApp news site noted.

For now, though only Android users sign up to WhatsApp’s Google Play Beta Program to have an access to the custom sticker creator tool.

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