Top 5 Lip Glosses For a Plump Lip Look

As the no makeup makeup look had been in the trends for quite a long time a new set trend making rounds these days is named to be the clean girl aesthetic ls, although this trend is not much different from the no makeup makeup look but it most focuses on a more natural looking approach with enhanced features with more defined brows and light blush to make it seem look more like a natural sun-kisses kind of look the clean girl aesthetic makeup also has dewy shiny illuminating skin without too much high lighter only on the high corners of the face to give a little lift with all this it concentrates a lot on lips to make them look perfectly natural, glossy and plumped. We are sharing with you our top 5 lip glosses to give you that perfect plumped glossy lip that you need in this trend: –

Fenty beauty gloss bomb universal lip liner

A neutral shaded non-sticky lip gloss to give your lips a natural and plumped look with its fruity flavor and long lasting qualities. It nourishes the lips and keeps them moisturized giving then a glass like shine

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

A vanilla scented lip gloss which has quite a lot pf tint in it then most glosses a natural everyday color perfect for school every day.

Dior lip glow oil

This lip oil has drawn a lot of attention towards itself after getting famous on a Social media app TikTok, the formula of the lip oil is very minty, moisturizing and thick.

Dior addict lip maximizer plumping gloss

A gloss with hyaluronic acid!!  Yes, guys what else do you need when now you can also get hyaluronic acid in a gloss for your lips too. The gloss gives a volume and shine to your lips and is available is available in different shades that you can choose from according to your liking.


Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer

A gloss with nom-sticky formula containing coconut oil and vitamin E moisturizes the lips and gives it a plump glow with smooth shine.

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