The Barbie Movie – 2023

What role did Barbie play in our lives growing up?

As a millennial woman growing up I can say confidently that Barbie has no matter what been a very important part of all our lives in some way, the little plastic doll produced by Mattel had made its exceptional entrance in the lives of all the girls. The glamorous Barbie with her chic dressing and long hair was nothing but a dream of every girl, I myself when little was head over heels in love with Barbie my eyes use to sparkle at every latest addition of the Barbie from her chic wardrobe to shoes and her dream house  I wanted it all, I remember how i use to play the Barbie song on repeat and collected every Barbie merchandise available from pencil box to bag to skates and jewellery and shirts and jeans and what not every time my dad would go for a business trip abroad my list of things use to consist of stuff only related to Barbie and hence it played a major role in my life growing up.

The Barbie movie hype: –

The Barbie movie was first announced back in 2022 and within the minutes of releasing it’s first look it had set the world on fire. Everyone waited a whole year for the release of the movie and hence the anticipation rose. The marketing and branding done for the movie was hands down amazing the merchandise and manufacturing of the products done for the movie was nothing but just beautiful, my favorite part was the google turning pink and the sparkle gifs appearing when searched for Barbie or the movie cast, the influencers came out with new makeup and fashion trends related to Barbie, it was so inspiring to see how the Pakistani influencers came up with their own version of desi Barbie fashion trends. People were already overjoyed and couldn’t contain their excitement for the release of the movie.

The Energetic crowd: –

The energy the crowd and the vibe was ahhh-mazing every show had a houseful and as soon as you stepped inside the cinema you could see everyone dressed in pink even the guys who had come with their friends or family participated in the pink tradition which was a moment of such pleasure, the applause and cheering over the delicate subjects and people crying and resonating with the scenes and topics shows how well connected the crowd was with each other, everyone vibed with the songs the movie offered sung by some of the best known singers such as Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, Charlie XCX, Billie Eillish and remastered version of the Barbie song couldn’t stop us all swaying with joy.

The Movie: –

Other then one of the best movie soundtrack the movie had to offer one of the most amazing film sets in the history of the movie making, I would say the dream come true Barbie land was jaw dropping and the attention to detail was just mind blowing not only on the set but in the acting as well keeping in mind that Barbie was just a doll and couldn’t perform like a normal human being, all the actions of Barbie were just exactly how a Barbie is played with along with her restricted movement of the body parts and what not. With the amazing cast that the movie had to offer Margot Robbie was just perfect in all aspects of being a living and  breathing version of Barbie and I don’t think there could have been any other choices than her to play the  role that could have done justice  which appeared as it was made just for her with her immaculate talent and performance, then comes  none other than the chocolate hero with the cutest smile Ryan Gosling to play Ken was so spot on, the cameo appearance of Dua Lipa and John Cenna as mermaids was so light hearted and comedic. Whereas the trailers that made the movie seem like something very light hearted and comedic the audience did not know what they were actually in for. The movie targeted the challenges of being a women and the struggles of a women from her day to day life which is a topic that no one talks about, it explored the patriarchal society and its drawbacks it talks about how a woman works so hard to get accepted and make her place and name in the world but all her efforts are always underappreciated or not given any recognition at all. The movie talked about how a woman when she is just girl dreams her life to be perfect and tries to live those dreams of her by making them come true through playing with her Barbie dolls. Barbie movie has set an example for the women and how important it is to give recognition and credit to the work done by women.  It’s not an easy job to be a mother, a daughter, a wife and a sister with all your responsibilities and to take care of your family and have a career too along the side, being a woman comes with a lot thing that are exhausting and yet women are always let down. The movie has touched a lot of delicate yet very important parts of a life of women. It was a perfect movie for mother daughter date a great way for bonding and understanding each other all those who went inside the cinema being happy and chirpy came out crying that is how this masterpiece touched everyone’s heart. I would recommend everyone to go and watch this movie with their mothers, sisters and girl gangs so that all of us as women can connect on a deeper level and empathize with each other more and life each other and help one and other to grow.

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