Tesla Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capability


As we all know that Tesla is the pioneer of bringing electric cars to the user quite efficiently and effectively. Autopilot introduced by Tesla enables a driver to be assisted through his or her driving journey via different guidelines. The main purpose or you can say it’s advantage is to ease out the burden of concentrating through the driver’s journey hence enhancing the drivers experience. The upcoming all ranges of Tesla cars are equipped with eight safety camera and they also have have a high tech vision processing that helps with the overall safety of the car.


Autopilot and the Full Self-Driving are mainly for drivers who are more cautious and attentive during their driving journey. The hands on the steering wheel is a must and in case of any emergency, a driver should immediately take over the car. Tesla cars are still in the process of developing, understanding more of this technology and is yet far from making the car autonomous.


Here Are The Autopilot & Safety Features Of Tesla


The Autopilot is composed of driver assisted features that are available on all new Tesla models.

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

This enables vehicle to match the speed of the road and also the surroundings.


When road markings are prominent, this Autopilot feature helps in steering the car using the Cruise Control system to keep the car in lane as much as possible.

Enhanced Autopilot

Auto lane Change: When the driver engages indicator to change lane or to do a U-turn, the Auto Lane change feature helps in changing the lane for the driver.


With the help of only a touch inside your vehicle, this system helps your car in parallel or perpendicular parking at any given time.


Using the Tesla mobile application, summon feature can help your car in or out if a car is parked in a tight space.

Smart summon 

If you are nearby your car in a direct proximity, by using smart summon, the vehicle will move around, ignoring obstacles and find you in the parking lot.

Navigate on Autopilot (Beta)

 This feature helps your car navigate on motorway on ramp or off-ramp and giving best possibilities for lane changes etc.

enhance autopilot

Safety Enhancements


Automatic Emergency Braking

 It is activated when the car realizes any obstacles coming near it or front of it and then immediately apply brakes to stop the vehicle moving forward.

Blind Spot Monitoring

 Is a system for detecting and letting the driver know that another car on the road is changing lanes

Lane Departure Avoidance 

It Keeps the car in the correct lane by maintaining the lane discipline.

Obstacle Aware Acceleration

It helps the car to  decrease the acceleration off the car when an obstacle comes in front of the car.

Forward Collision Warning

This system alerts the car of the slow moving or stopped cars in front of the vehicle to keep up with the overall safety.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All the models have an Autopilot Feature?

Since April of 2019, all upcoming Tesla models are quipped with the Autopilot as standard. It includes Autosteer and the cruise control. Tesla users can also buy the Autopilot if the car has the necessary hardware for it.

Can I use the Autopilot before purchasing it fully?

The Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving can be used or like experienced by customers in the Tesla stores.

Is it possible to buy an Autopilot upgrade?

Yes you can purchased an Autopilot upgrade whenever you want and the software required will then be added to your Tesla account after the purchase

How is the overall working of the Autopilot feature?

Since the beginning of April 2022, Tesla models including Model 3 the Model Y delivered for the Middle Eastern and the European market comes standard with the Tesla Vision feature, that helps the care to deliver Autopilot and other advanced features given by the manufacturer to its customers. The car comes with cameras that are advanced enough to assist the driver in journey. A high tech onboard processing in the car helps make all kinds of decisions related to emergency in just milliseconds to make the car’s journey smoother and enjoyable.

Is Blind Spot detection available in the car?

This feature is there in Tesla cars since October of 2016, this activates with a red lane line when an indicator is in used and the car finds an obstacle in the lane therefore, making the driving pleasure tension free.

My Opinion

In my opinion, Tesla’s Autopilot and The Full Self-Driving technology is the revolutionary step by this particular auto manufacturer because now the globe is going absolutely high end and fast paced as far as technological advancement is concerned and this driving assisted features are the most important for drivers. But, here the safety should also be taken under concentration that the drivers cannot go absolutely tension free while on their journey as the technology is still in the development process.

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