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As humans we tend to find things that would help us develop an interest in order to keep us going on, after a long day at work or working hard at school all day long we all want to end our day by relieving stress and relaxing a bit.

Here are our picks of some top TV shows that might keep you hooked and give you a little something to look forward to end your day buy de stressing


An international favourite friends is a light hearted, comedic sitcom perfect to end the day on a lighter note. A story of six friends namely :-

  1. Monica Geller (played by Courtney cox )
  2. Rachel Green ( played byJennifer Anniston)
  3. Phoebe Buffay ( played by Lisa Kudrow)
  4. Joey Tribbiani ( played by Matt Le blanc)
  5. Ross Geller ( played by David Schwimmer)
  6. Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry)


Residing in New York Greenwich Village Their lives revolve around each other sharing the joys, happiness and chaos of each others lives becoming the ultimate support system for each other. This show proves that friendship really knows no boundaries and limits when it comes to being there for each other, from sharing apartments and food to celebrating festivals and weddings together these friends are like a small knitted family. The scenes mostly take place in their apartments or their favourite coffee shop where the group happens to hang alot known as the central perk. The show ran from the year 1994-2004  completing it’s 10 seasons in 10 years was a hit every year when a new season came out. The amazing creation of David Crane and Marta Kauffman has won 6 Emmy awards and from its second season  onwards until the last season the show maintained a top five or better Nielsen rating and was number one in the eighth season.

If you are in search if something light hearted and fun to watch I recommend to you friends as the number one comedic and fun show who also emphasises on the importance of the family outside of family that we call friends.

The Vampire Diaries: –


A number one vampire hit that had never been seen before or after the release of the show is an adaptation from a book series based on the same name by the author L.J Smith and brought into action on screens by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec.

The supernatural teen drama revolves around the main characters

1. Elena Gilbert (Played by Nina Dobrev)

2. Damon Salvatore (Played by Ian Somerhalder)

3. Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley

 It’s a love triangle between the two Salvatore brothers who fall in love with the same girl Elena who happens to be the doppelgänger for the girl both were previously in love with known as Katherine Pierce (also played by Nina Dobrev).


Katherine was a vampire who turned the Salvatore brothers into a vampire as well and had been chased by the Original vampire called Klaus Michaelson (played by Joseph  Morgan ) the series has eight seasons and is full of mystery, love , devotion of healthy friendships and relationships in which they were literally ready to take a stake to the heart and die for each other. A hit of a show and no other supernatural vampire show has match for people still go all mad and watch this show on repeat. The series ran for 8 seasons and with each season the fandom grew crazier and bigger still supported and appreciated by their fans the cast of the show is very grateful to them the Show later on had an spin off into The originals. 

Pretty Little Liars: –


Yet another adaptation show based on a series of books written by Sara Shepard and brought onto the screens by I.Marlene King the pretty little liars is not only mysterious but can be quite scary too. Set in the fictional town of Rosewood the show is based on the story of high school friends known as: –

  1. Spencer Hastings (played by Troian Bellisario ) the smart and intelligent one
  2. Hanna Martin (played by Ashley Benson) the beauty, brain and a fashionista
  3. Aria Montgomery (played by Lucy Hale) Smart, emotional, private
  4. Emily fields (played by Shay Mitchell) smart, humble, warm and friendly
  5. Alison Di laurentis (played by Sasha pieterse) Queen B, Mean and manipulative but the character grows and changes


These girls get threatened and attacked causing their life on the line by someone who always leaves a note for the girls calling themselves anonymous A once you think you get the show another plot twist appears and confuses the audience the show will keep the audience on their feet with thousands of twists and turns and plotting it is a very addictive and myself show. The leader of this group who kept them all together and was a best friend to each one of them Alison Di launteris goes missing and is declared to be dead towards the end of the first episode, from where the real story begins. As show goes on and story unfolds you will notice that there wasn’t only one Anonymous A but many of them everyone was in on a secret but the girls were left out on it and hence face the harassments and attacks for which they come together once again as they had drifted apart after Alison went missing this time these girls were stronger together, confided and trusted each other while living their lives and backing one and other up fighting together and being there for each other. The show ran for 7 seasons.

Stranger Things: –

A Netflix master piece created by the Duffer brothers stranger things has its audience hooked the show got released on July 15 2016 and has completed its 4 seasons the last one divided into two parts of which the last two episodes got released after about a month In July 2022 while the rest got released in May 2022.

The story revolves around a girl called eleven known as Elle to friends and family who posses supernatural powers and fights against the supernatural villain called Vecna . This show yet again proves the importance of family and friends and how the true relationships are valued upon starring the cast of the strange things is: –

  1. Joyce byers (played by Winona Ryder)
  2. Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour)
  3. Mike wheeler (played by Finn Wolfhard)
  4. Eleven/ Elle (played by Millie Bobby brown)
  5. Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo)
  6. Nancy Wheeler( played by Natalia Dyer)
  7. Jonathan Byers (played by Charlie Heaton)
  8. Will Byers (Played by Noah Schnapp)
  9. Max Mayfield (played by Sadie Sink)
  10. Steve Harrington (Played by Joe Keerey)

It is predicted for a season 5 pf the show to be released sometime in 2024 and audience just cannot wait for the release.

The summer I turned pretty: –

Another hit that made rounds around the town with just two seasons an amazon prime master piece The summer i turned pretty is also adaptation from a trilogy of books by Jenny Han also created by Jenny Han has got every girl no matter the age on her feet a love story set to take place in a  beach house in the town of Cousins the love triangle exists between Belly and the fisher brothers Conrad Fisher and Jeremiah Fisher who had been spending the summer every year together in the beach house as their mothers were childhood besties. With the amazing play list and Majorly Taylor swift songs perfected to each scene making it more felt and realistic this is a perfect summer watch which is light hearted tomato but also involves heartbreak and tears if you are a swiftie and love the summer and romance this is just what you need. Also don’t forget to decide which team you’re on Are you going to be Team Jelly Fish, Team Anti-belly or Team Bonrad.

The amazing cast of the shoe is as followed: –


  1. Isabel/ Belly Conklin (played by Lola Tung)
  2. Conrad Fisher (played by Christopher Briney)
  3. Jeremiah fisher(played by Gavin Casalegno)


Wednesday: –

Another adaptation from the old times of The Addams family again proves to be the epitome of love, trust and friendship and relationships. Wednesday Addams the main lead girl who mostly keeps to herself and does not get close to anyone including her mother except her father is attending a school in Nevermore which is for the supernatural kids and generations of their families have been to this school Wednesday Addams who happens to be the next generation to attend this school after her parents finds herself caught up in the drama that not only involved her parents but had to do with one of her ancestor from years ago while she tries to solve the mystery and get to the bottom of what’s wrong while looking for a solution she also happens to find herself to be in love which is a detrimental t her in its own way as we cannot jump to any conclusions on just one season let’s see what the next season has in store for us.

Cast of the Wednesday: –

  1. Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega)
  2. Enid Sinclar (played by Emma Myers)
  3. Tyler Gaplin (played by Hunter Doohan)
  4. Morticia Addams (played by Catherine Zeta Jones)


Conclusion: –

I hope you enjoyed our take on TOP TV shows that you need watch to have a relaxing time for yourself and watch something that makes you happy

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