iPhone 15 Hype & Features


IPhone has become the talks of the town ever since its release it is the majority of world’s populations favor of phone when it comes to invest in a good phone. Every year IPhone launches its new series and the world goes wild.  The value for its money iPhone not only offers a class but also has the fastest chip ever to be seen in a smart phone and has the best battery life in any phone, it is very fast and does not hang either. Also known for its camera features iPhone provides with best quality lenses and features for people to take pictures and click the moments dear to them.

Iphone 15

With already making rounds and people obsessing over it IPhone 15 is said to get released on September 22nd 2023 and people can’t contain there excitement. The iPhone 15 is predicted to be launched with its four kinds pf variants namely: –

  1. IPhone 15 which is a 6.1-inch display
  2. iPhone 15 plus again a 6.7-inch display
  3. IPhone 15 pro with a 6.1 inch and 120Hz display
  4. IPhone 15 ultra with a 6.7 inch and 120 Hz display

Features of the new iPhone 15

  1. * It will be supported by a Type C USB cable port which was not available for the previous models.
  2. * It will come with a bigger battery to make it more durable. 
  3. * The internal storage of iphone 15 will be of 8 GB and the phone’s storage variations are from 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.
  4. * Iphone 15 is said to have a titanium body having the screen size starting from 6.10 inches.
  5. * It will also have 12 MP of camera quality and aA17 Bionic Chip Fitted inside 15 and 15 pro variants.
  6. * It’s got the curved edges from all the sides with solid buttons
  7. * These phones will be supporting the latest 5G connections. 

Now let’s talk about the each variant separately

IPhone 15 variants are said to be launching with 8GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage. For now no other change has yet been made for the type of memory. The Apple company might most likely will continue with LPDDR5 RAM instead of including LPDDRX5 RAM.

The camera will allow to capture pictures in 48 MP quality, the iPhone Pro variants are also said to have a telephoto periscope lens. This unique feature will bring improved optical zoom to the new variants of the iPhone it will get an optical zoom of up to 10x as contrasted to iPhone 14 Pro’s optical zoom capability.

  1. * The iPhone 14 and its variants feature called Dynamic Island is also likely to come in all variants of the iPhone 15.
  2. * A new “state-of-the-art” image sensor is likely to feature in the new iPhone 15. This sensor will be making sure that the subject in the images does not wash out even with full backlighting.
  3. * Face ID for unlocking the phone will remain to be.
  4. * The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max variants will be having a solid-state button that will also increasing the device’s durability.
  5. * iPhone 15 will have the same camera feature as the iPhone 14 series that can click images in 48MP quality.
  6. * The new iPhone 15 variants are expected to come up with Qualcomm’s x70 modem chip this will help the users to make use of the artificial intelligence for faster average speeds, better signal quality, enhanced coverage and lower latency.


I hope our guide on the upcoming new iphone 15 was helpful enough for you to decide whether it’s going to be a good purchase or not

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