How To Find Out Your Perfect Foundation Tone


This world is very diverse when it comes to cast, race, color and culture and because of that diversity every ace and cast has its own skin tone or color you can say we are generally divided into black, white and brown but all these come with their own variations. Every woman in the world is concerned about the way she looks and hence she ends up indulging into the makeup world and to enhance her looks or try to approach a more presentable look while playing with makeup but knowing how to use different make up items isn’t the only task at hand that is more likely to be a step 2 the first step to make up is to figure out the right shades according to your skin tone that can match you perfectly. In this article we will help you figure out on how to pick up the perfect foundation shade that suits your skin tone the best. Now the first thing to keep in mind while picking out a foundation is that you should know what undertone does your skin has as foundation needs to match that to give you that perfect flawless look and because foundations can be quite expensive you sure do not want to go on splurging on something that is not useable for you.

Look for what matches your skin tone

Generally the foundation should feel like skin once you wear it and for that you need to keep your skin tone in mind while skin tones can vary from dark to there are still loads of variations in between them, skin tome can be uneven as no one is ever perfect your skin tone can also appear to be two tones with dark spots and blemishes that make want you to keep looking for option until you finally decide on one for this you can always mix up two foundations to achieve your desired look.

Educate yourself on your undertone

Undertones can cause a lot of problem when it comes to finally decide and settle on your foundation shade unless you want to use a color corrector and layer your face. The skin undertows are most likely to be neutral , warm and cool and to determine this you need to figure what color your veins are if you’ve got blue-green veins then you are a neutral undertone for which pink and gold foundations work the best but if they are mostly greenish then you are more likely to have warm undertones, for warm undertones you can always go with peachy foundations or with yellow or gold in them, but if you’ve got blue-purplish undertone which is the cool undertone then you should go with pinkish foundation shades.

Swatch & check

After figuring out the tones and undertones it’s time to start figuring out the shades that might suit you the best, for this you can use the swatch method the most common way to figure out the perfect shade is for yourself for this you need to apply the preferred foundation shades on your forearm to see what’s more suitable for you however it is now being said that the forearm is darker then shade of your skin of the face and hence it can be misleading to select a shade after testing on the forearm. The most preferred and valued area that gives the right shade option for is the jaw bone take little amount of the preferred shade and swatch it on the jawbone so that it can be little both on the cheek and the neck in order to give you the perfect looking natural shade according to your skin tone and save you time and hassle of trying too many shades all at once to achieve that perfect, glowing natural looking finish for your face to look fresh and beautiful. 

Coverage is the game

While preferring a foundation people tend to have different views on the coverage of the foundation while some may want to have little to subtle coverage others might prefer to have full coverage people tend to select coverage according the use of their foundation wears based on their day to day look depending if they want to wear it at night or day.


The seasonal effect

The skin tone tends to change with season it gets darker during the summer season and lighter on cold days with this change similarly the shade to the foundation tends to change too and you need to pick what suits you the best according to your complexion in the season.

Skin type

Foundation seems to work the best when it is the correct shade and formula according to the skin type you don’t want to appear all sweaty or too oxidized wearing the wrong formula, if you someone who has dry skin try to gravitate more towards dewy foundations to achieve that hydrated, moisturized and glowy look which can also go down the drain if you go for matte formula with dry skin similarly if you are someone with oily skin then matte formula is right what you need  to keep you face shining.


It is a right of every woman to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident in her own skin and if for that makeup is what works the best for you then there is no need to hold yourself back. With just figuring out what works best for your foundations can be game changer for a lot of women t can boost up your confidence which itself is nothing but drop dead gorgeous skill of a women, you can achieve the perfect look for yourself and sparkle wherever you go. Hope our guide was helpful to you for more concerns you can always ask the guide who’s attending you at the makeup stores to give you advices and help you out in picking the right shade, formula and brand for yourself. 

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