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Over the years we have seen quite a rise in people’s interest towards skincare whether men or women both are gravitating towards a skincare regime and why not? Who wants to age and look old we all have a right to protect our youth and look as young as possible. Having the right skincare routine to follow on daily basis will leave people questioning your age with their jaws dropped! That’s right guys we will be sharing few of the most essential and game changer skin care products with you to achieve that natural healthy glow with a radiant and plumped skin. Our favorite products are:-

Micellar water: –

Originated from France Micellar water helps in fighting and getting rid of impurities on your skin such as preventing acne. Micellar water is made up of purified water, moisturizer and other surfactants, it can be used to remove makeup, dirt and grime from the face without plundering the natural oils of your skin. The most asked question when it comes to micellar water is if it is same as a toner then no a toner is used after washing the face with a cleanser and before applying a moisturizer where as a micellar water works both as  a cleanser and a moisturizer, while a toner may also strip the skin off of its natural oils the micellar water only helps in getting rid of the impurities locking the natural oils of the skin, for those who have sensitive skin micellar water is the best option for them as it is free of any harsh chemicals and alcohol. Recommended Micellar water brands are as follows: –

  1. Garnier (personal favorite)
  2. Vince
  3. Bioderma
  4. CeraVe (another personal favorite)
  5. Milk
  6. NYX
  7. Loreal
  8. Accure

Vitamin C serum glory: –

Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for a human body that has many health benefits and works magic on skin but the only drawback is that it is the vitamin that a human body does not produce naturally on its own and hence the human source is dependent on other natural resources for the consumption of vitamin C but will eating or drinking really effect the skin that much? No and for that you’ll have to invest in good vitamin C serums some of the best options of vitamin C are:-

  1. The ordinary vitamin C suspension ( A personal favourite)
  2. Garnier 30x vitamin C
  3. The body shop vitamin C
  4. Organic traveller vitamic C
  5. Pixi vitamin C serum
  6. Dr. Rashell

Benefits of Vitamin C: –

  1. Brightens up the skin and complexion
  2. Helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Hydrates the skin
  4. Reduces pigmentation and inflammation
  5. Provides protection from the sun;

Retinol: –


As we approach our twenties it is the best time to start investing in good anti-aging products and what other best anti-aging then a good retinol serum. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that gets added into skin care creams, lotions and serums as an ingredient to have anti-aging effects and provide prevention from acne. Retinol needs to get build up on your skin you cannot straight up start using it every day daily morning and evening or else it can cause side effects, at first you need to introduce your skin to retinol and gradually work your way up start by using it once a week and then build up to an everyday use. Our list of recommended retinols includes: –

  1. CeraVe
  2. The ordinary
  3. Dr.Rashell
  4. Organic traveller
  5. Hira Ali beauty

Benefit of Retinol: –

  1. Prevents and improves fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Helps in hyper pigmentation
  3. Helps in even complexion
  4. Helps in reducing pore size
  5. Fights against acne

Under eye cream/serum

Under eye is the most delicate yet the most problematic area when it comes to the face When it comes to dark circles, crow’s feet and under eye puffiness we all seem to get a bit flabbergasted and why shouldn’t we? No one wants to looks sick and tired all the time. The best ingredient to help in this distress is caffeine, yes! Caffeine works wonders for under eye and no I’m not talking  about only having to drink a cup of coffee everyday while that may wake you up you need caffeine to wake your eye area up too and for this you need to invest in good caffeine infused under eye serums, our best recommendations for under eye serums are as follows:-

  1. The ordinary
  2. Activs
  3. The inkey list


Benefits: –

  1. Improves circulation
  2. Reduces puffiness
  3. Hydrates the skin around the eye
  4. Protects from skin damaging
  5. Reduces fine lines
  6. Gets absorbed in the skin

Sun block: –

A sun block is the most essential and necessary skin care step it provides protection from the UV (ultraviolet) radiation of the sun from getting absorbed into the skin which causes great damage to the skin while people prefer sun block that do not cause white cast our list of recommendations is as follows: –

  1. Organic traveller
  2. Hira Ali beauty
  3. Vince
  4. Derma
  5. Rivaj


Benefits: –

  1. With the SPF in the sun block it protects from UVA and UVB rays
  2. Boosts up collagen production
  3. Restores the elasticity of the skin
  4. Hydrates and soothes the skin


Moisturizer: –

Whether it is a dry, cold or a hot indoor weather both kind of climates can suck the moisture out of your skin which leads to reduced elasticity of the skin, a moisturizer plumps your skin and gives it a boost to repair itself, it helps in keeping your skin fresh, hydrating, healthy and radiant. Some of the options available for moisturizer are: –

  1. Ponds
  2. CeraVe (personal favorite)
  3. Cetaphil
  4. Neutrogena
  5. The body shop (personal favorite)
  6. Nivea

Lip Balms: –

Who doesn’t like moist, soft and plumped lips. Hydrated lips are as important as hydrated skin, chapped lips does not only put off your image but can be quite painful as well but with a little tint in them will not only amp up your look but also heal your damaged lips, what makes a lip balm

More fun is the added flavor to enhance its fragrance. Lip balm recommendations are followed: –


  1. Laniege
  2. The body shop
  3. Burt bees
  4. Labelo
  5. Baby lips
  6. Vaseline
  7. Summer fridays


Everyone has a right to self-love and care and with the right amount of investment both financial and physical you can achieve the level of love and care you need to pour into your self start with a healthy skin care regime to make yourself appear healthier, happier and lovelier

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