Foods That Are Good For Hair

Hair is one of the most highlighted beauty of a person good and manageable hair has become a dream of every other person with daily stress and tensions and anxiety a person can tend to have a great hair loss which only adds up for that person being more stressed. Minerals such as iron, zinc and iodine along with Vitamin A&C and Biotin B7 are very essential for good hair if a human body starts lose these then hair fall is guaranteed and you have every right to be worried but as usual guys don’t worry we got your back with our most trusted resources for you. Now maintaining hair care routine and going for monthly appointments might be too much for people who have a lot on their plate to deal with so this articles is literally going to help you with your hair struggles from your plate ha-ha you got us right we have shortlisted some great effecting foods to help you maintain your mineral levels and have good strong and manage ale hair


Fish such as a Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acid very essential for good hair you can also find supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids, it is known as the preventer for hair loss and is a famous ingredient all over the world for hair care. Now fish such as Sardine is not only containing omega 3 fatty acids but also Vitamin D that helps in the growth of hair follicles deficiency of vitamin D can also lead to alopecia.



Eggs are packed with protein and nutrients such as choline, iron and vitamins A, D, B12, lutein and zeaxanthin they help in maintain the cellular health of the body.


Not only do avocado contain omega 3 fatty acids but are also anti-inflammatory they help in nourishing the hair follicles and stimulates the derma papilla cells. Avocados are a great source of vitamins A & B

Chia seeds

Rich in proteins, fat and zinc one of the many advantages of adding chia seeds into your diet can be that it can maintain healthier, lustrous and longer hair for you.


With daily use of at least one of these super foods in diet  can help you maintaining amazing hair, hair is not only about genetics but also good care along with what works the best for you, these great sources of food will help you enhance the beauty of your hair and help you maintain more manageable and stronger hair that will keep people asking you for tips

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