Five Essential Makeup Brushes To Perfect Your Look


When it comes to makeup we talk about enhancing our look with it but what better would only pigments be to enhance our look when we don’t have the right brushes needed right? The mastermind behind enhancing our looks with makeup is not the makeup itself but the brushes, yes what brushes our being used for what product to apply it where and how is all the game. Here’s our guide to achieve that perfect enhanced, snatched look for your features to make you look prettier and fresher.

Before starting off we need to keep the basics in mind top five face priorities for top five essential brushes.

  1. Eyebrows
  2. Eyes
  3. Face
  4. Cheekbones
  5. Lips


Eyebrows are what gives shape to the face they are most important feature of the face and the thicker brows the softer and more elegant the face looks, for filling your eyes you need an angled brush to fill in those little tiny spaces in between your eyebrows to keep them looking perfectly angles and in shape to give them that fuller snatched look


Eyes are most highlighted yet the most important features of person’s  face they need pop up and stand out and with the correct balance of eye shades and what suit and works fir you the best the blending of eyeshades are the most essential part of enhancing your eyes with the eyeshades and for that you need an eye shade blending brush with soft bristles that can glide over eye lid giving them the warm depth and lifting the corner of your eyelids without making them look harsh, a good blending brush defines the eyelid crease and folds with a deeper and enhanced look to give more character to the eyes and make them look compelling.



Your face is your canvas and you got to paint it right for the face the most essential makeup product to provide yourself with a base to star working on is a foundation and for that you need a good foundation brush,  for the foundation brush keep in mind that the bristles of the brush are soft and absorbing you don’t want to look cakey and layered once you apply your foundation make sure the brush that you’re using is soft and make the product melt into skin instead of having it build up on your face  it should be able to get the product all absorbed in your skin to give it a  completed, mural and fresh look.


Cheek bones when given the adequate lift gives a lift to your face they help in sculpting you’re for this you need a good blush on brush and bronzing blush to help you in sculpting your face the right way to targeting your high points giving it a more enhanced and balanced shape, top it off with some highlighter using a fan brush just to dust that highlight on to your high points to notch up your high points a little and make it look more soft


Lips are the last but the most powerful features and curate those perfect lips you need a lip brush that is enough sharp to draw those corners of your mouth with precise and delicate bristles of the brush to be able to cover all the corners and to make the lip color glide as smooth as butter on lips making them look soft, plumped angled and moisturized.


When you master the perfection of using these five essential makeup brushes you can always advance and branch out into trying more brushes and create different looks noticing what works the best for what, we hope our basic guide was helpful enough for you if you are a beginner and has only set your foot in the makeup world, it is all about taking baby steps and moving forward a little by little.

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