Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Release Date Spoilers


Dragon Ball Super known to be the one of the most hit and loved Japanese Manga Series, that was initially released on June 20th 2015. The series gain humongous popularity with its premiere from just a few Chapters. Now with a release of the new Chapter finally premiered and been aired. The fans are eager to know when the next Chapter will come out said to be released by August 27, 2023.

What to expect?

Dragon Ball Super is sure an experience for the lovers of the Dragon Ball series. The story of the manga revolves around Goku’s ongoing journey of confronting both internal and external conflicts.

Dragon Ball Super is a delightful experience for fans of the original series, thanks to the familiar and relatable characters. The upcoming chapter will show two kinds of storylines: Goku’s quest to overcome his newfound adversary, Gas, and the retelling of Bardock’s tale. The narrative will be resuming right after Elec fires his shot at Granolah.

Dragon Ball Super shows the latest addition to the franchise that originated in 1984 with the original Dragon Ball series. Akira Toriyama who created the storyline, while Toyotarou responsible for the illustrations. The narrative follows Goku and his partners as they embark on a ten-year journey after defeating Majin Buu.

After being inactive for a long time, Beerus has woken up from his slumber. Beerus, along with his mentor Whis, sets out to find a Super Saiyan God warrior whose destruction could potentially set the world in demise An unforeseen turn of events, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and the unborn Pan transform Goku into the Super Saiyan God while he is still in his mother’s womb. Though Goku had his struggles in his battle against Beerus, the latter ultimately spares and saves him.

Under the guidance of Beerusand Whis, Goku and Vegeta train meanwhile the remnants of Frieza’s army gather the Dragon Balls in order to resurrect their leader. A few minths later Frieza returns to Earth and seeks revenge on Goku and Vegeta. Despite of their mastery of the Golden Frieza form, Goku and Vegeta get defeated. Frieza put of desperation ends up destroying the planet but gets defeated by Goku along with the help of Whis’ time reversal ability.

Later in the future both the present and future versions of Lord Zen organize a Power Tournament that featured one of the greatest eight amongst the twelve warriors existing realities. The event gets  marked as  the first of its kind in the whole  world. The Kings declared that the universes that will participate in the tournament will be destroyed.After a short-lived resurrection, Frieza happens to join forces with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, Android 17, Android 18, Piccolo, Tien, and Master Roshi.

All of them together get engaged in battles against different opponents from different universes, that included Jiren, a warrior from Universe Eleven known for his pride. During these intense clashes, Goku attains a new transformation known as Ultra Instinct, that enables him to fight and move instinctively without conscious thought. Goku and Frieza successfully defeat Jiren, with Android 17 emerging as the tournament’s unexpected champion. Using the Super Dragon Balls, Android 17 restores the previously destroyed universes.

it becomes evident that Frieza’s army continuously replenishes itself and Goku and his comrades return to their normal lives, as Goku struggles to access the power of Ultra Instinct.

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